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Considering leaving the 9-to-5 rush, but not sure where to go from there? Look no further than the Arise Platform. It can help you establish a successful customer support business right from your own home office. It’s a unique small business opportunity, and it’s easier than you think to get started!

Max Virtual Solutions Now Hiring!

Max Virtual Solutions is currently recruiting hard working individuals with a strong work ethic, clean background, to work from home handling inbound calls from various Fortune 500 clients on the Arise Platform.


Arise IBO Support Services 

Coming Soon Arise IBO Support Services!


CSP ID# 2824942

Maxen Media LLC is now partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions to offer a work from home contract experience providing call center customer service, sales and technical support for Fortune 500 Companies!

We are currently recruiting hard working individuals with a strong work ethic, clean background, to join our team and work from home handling inbound calls from various Fortune 500 clients on the Arise Platform!


  1. Make anywhere from $8.- to $20.- per hour working from home!
  2. No daily commute to and from the office! Choose which client you want to service!
  3. Flexibility - You create your own work schedule (Most clients require 15 to 20 hours per week)
  4. Paid on the 1st and 15th of each month! Get paid with direct deposit and now cryptocurrency!
  5. No travel expenses or traffic! 1099-MISC for tax preparation!
  6. Contact us with any questions!


  1. Must be at least 18 years of age or older
  2. Must submit and pass a background check
  3. Must reside in the United States, and NOT reside in CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, OR, or WI
  4. Hard wired internet (no wireless internet or satellite allowed)
  5. PC or Laptop with Windows 7 or higher
  6. USB headset with a microphone
  7. Quiet workspace free from noise
  8. View the Arise network system and equipment policy at




First thing to do is register to our website if you have not done so already. For security reasons all registrations are moderated and need to be approved. Registrations are reviewed within 1-24 hours.


Next thing to do is submit an application via our website. Applications are reviewed within 24-48 hours. Once your application has been reviewed and approved we will email the registration steps to setup your Arise Agent profile.


Enroll in a Client Certification Program and Complete Background Check and all Pre-Requirements.

All agents registering on the Arise Platfrom are required to pass a background check. After background check is completed simply enroll in one of the Cllient programs that are available to become a remote Certified Customer Service Professional! Choose the best Client that suits your skillset. Attend certification training in a virtual classroom for approximately 4 - 6 weeks. You will need our CSP ID# 2824942


Pass Certification and Start Earning Money!

You're now a remote Certified Customer Service Professional! You are now able to select the hours that work best for you and start earning revenue!



Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., the leading global provider of virtual business process outsourcing and crowdsourcing solutions, provides thousands of work opportunities to small businesses run by stay-at-home moms, veterans, students, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Arise offers a legitimate virtual work-from-home opportunity. Joining the Arise network is a great opportunity for those who are looking for flexibility, to earn a living working-from-home, to spend more time with friends and family or to start a business.For over a decade, Arise has pioneered a unique business model involving a network of at-home independent businesses capable of providing customer service, sales and technical support on programs for Arise clients, which include many of the top Fortune 150 companies.

Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their call volume through Arise Virtual Solutions. Arise outsources to companies like us Maxen Media LLC to find the people that are working from home and connect them to the clients in need of Customer or Sales Services. You certify for the company you choose to provide your services to and start taking inbound customer service calls from the comfort of your home!

Absolutely! We understand that there are a lot of scams out there. We have partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions to bring you legitimate work from home business opportunities. There are thousands of small business owners and contractors operating under the Arise Platform, and they have been doing so for over a decade!

There are no upfront costs to register to use the Arise platform.  However, there are fees once you select a client to become certified. You must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business.

  • Arise background check.
  • Arise certification course fees will vary based on the client. The minimum cost is $4.99 and up. This fee is paid to Arise Virtual Solutions NOT Maxen Media LLC. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own certification fees. You do not pay for certification until you are client qualified.
  • Arise charges a bi-monthly usage fee of $19.75 per active user. This is for the utilization of their 24 hour client help desk, accounting, and scheduling services.  This fee is not assessed until you are actively earning revenue. 
  • Administrative fees of $19.25 will be charged bi-weekly from Maxen Media LLC for operating under our organization and our continued support. We provide free direct deposit of your earnings on or before the 1st and 15th of each month.

Once you have filled out an application with The Max Virtual Solutions Team you will then choose a Client Certification Course. Classes typically average around 4-6 weeks. Once certified you can start working immediately. After you are trained and certified because you are self-employed, you are in control of when and how much you work!

No, you will not be an employee of Maxen Media LLC or Arise Virtual Solutions. Our team members are Independent Contractors of Maxen Media LLC. We will provide you with a 1099-MISC at the end of the year if you earn over $600. You will also be responsible for paying your own taxes. If you have never worked as an independent contractor, we recommend consulting with an accountant or tax professional in your local area. They will be able to help you to become more familiar with the tax benefits of being an Independent Contractor/1099 worker.

Yes, you are required to be a legal resident of the United States

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